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Stingray Polished

Background Information

ORIGIN: Southeast Asia
AVERAGE LENGTH: 1 to 2 feet

The stingray is native to Southeast Asia . Stingray skin comes from stingrays fished for their meat. Pan American Leathers (PAL) offers crusted and finished stingray skin in a wide range of sizes. The smallest are approximately 5” wide x 8” long and the largest are approximately 17” wide by 34“ long, yielding squares ranging from 3” x 3” to 12” x 12”. We offer stingray skin in over 30 colors, some standard finish and others polished. The standard stingray skin finish promotes a richer color and more prominent center crown. The polished finish is sanded smooth and lacquered for a brighter and softer look and feel. Customers can pick from our NYC showroom stock for immediate delivery or order production from our Asian tanning partners who we have worked with for several generations. PAL stingray skin services the belt, footwear, handbag, interiors and small leather goods markets. Please call, email or schedule an appointment for any question you might have or see our Guide to Stingray Skin for more general information.

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